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A Commentary on Pulmonary Edema

Mabirsja Kairhdio*

Pulmonary edema is also known as pulmonary congestion. A build-up of fluid in your lungs is known as pulmonary edema. It may be difficult for you to breathe as a result of this. Your lungs should fill with air as you take a breath. They fill with fluid instead if you have pulmonary edema. When this happens, oxygen from the air cannot reach your bloodstream, where it is needed. Pulmonary edema occurs when the lungs become distended with fluid. Lung congestion, lung water, and pulmonary congestion are all terms for the same thing. When pulmonary edema develops, the body struggles to acquire adequate oxygen and shortness of breath develops. However, treating pulmonary edema and its underlying cause as soon as feasible can boost the chances of a positive outcome