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A Review about Testing of Distribution Transformers

Geno Peter .P

Testing of any electrical equipment indicates the extent to which the equipment is able to comply with a customer’s requirements. In this paper testing of distribution transformer is considered. Manufacturers test thousands of distribution transformers at worldwide locations each week. The primary incentive is to make sure the transformers meet manufacturing specifications .Tests are part of a manufacturer’s internal quality assurance program .A manufacture’s own criteria have to be fulfilled in addition to requirements specified by customers and applicable standards. Differing requirements are generally combined and published in national and international standards. The primary standards organizations are IEC and ANSI. The advancements in double voltage and double frequency testing is done by replacing the bulky and noisy motor generator set with power electronics based frequency generator set, is also discussed. In this paper, I wish to give an overview about the different routine tests conducted in distribution transformers of rating up to 2500KVA and 36KV class.