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Air Quality Preservation through Innovative Solutions in the ‘LIFE for Silver Coast’ European Project

Antonino Capillo*, Alessandro Mancini, Gian Piero Joime, Fabio Massimo Frattale Mascioli

Background: Climate Change and pollution are plagues of our time and, as a reaction, energy production relies more and more on Renewable Energy Sources (RESs). The introduction of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) will lead to better air quality and Climate Change impacts mitigation. In fact, ZEVs do not emit neither Greenhouse gases nor pollutant substances, except for life cycle, frictions from break and wheels emissions. In addition, ZEVs integration in Smart Grids (SGs) contributes to a more efficient use of renewable energy since ZEVs can act as batteries (Vehicle-to-Grid paradigm). In the ‘LIFE for Silver Coast’ European Project, coordinated by PO.MO.S. (Polo per la Mobilità Sostenibile), a sustainable intermodal mobility system is developed aiming environmental preservation of the ‘Silver Coast’, an area in Italy of significant touristic and naturalistic interest. The system includes e-bikes, e-scooters, e-cars, e-buses and even e-boats with proper charging stations and an ICT platform for planning trips and booking tickets.

Methods: The Project pursues its goal through innovative solutions like: A four-independent-engines e-boat prepared for autonomous driving and a special paddle wheel designed for the shallow waters flora and fauna conservancy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for e-boats autonomous driving and Energy Management for Energy Communities (EC).

Results: Four e-boats have been realized and moored in the project area, one of them being prepared for autonomous driving. Proper prototype AI algorithms for e-boat autonomous driving and EC Energy Management have been synthesized.

Conclusions: The project reached its environmental preservation targets by making its contribution to Research thanks to its innovative solutions.