Autismo-Acesso Aberto

Autismo-Acesso Aberto
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ISSN: 2165-7890


An Ecological Approach to Autism

Fabiana Sonnino, Consuelo Granatelli, Marta Zargar, Mara Catena, Francesca Lattanzi, Silvia Nazzicone, Christian Settimi, Mariarita Capellupo, Sonia Petruzzi, Desiree Bosi

We propose a description of the ecological approach in relation to autism with the ultimate aim of seeking, through a structured pedagogical process declined on several scientifically proven methods, a new way of understanding the values of the individual and the community that takes into accounts the specificity of each. The focus of the article can be traced to the importance of experiencing nature and contact with it through activities that go to reinforce the concepts of biodiversity and neurodiversity, considered an extension of biodiversity, and at the same time to trace a therapeutic path understood here as a life path.