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Application of Geophysical Ground Magnetic Method for the Delineation of Geological Structures: A Study in Parts of Villupuram District, Tamilnadu

Ayaz Mohmood Dar and Lasitha S

The study involves the application and analysis of geophysical ground magnetic method for the detection of geological structures through total magnetic intensity (TMI) and to explain the magnetic anomaly in the parts of Villupuram district of Tamilnadu. Total intensity magnetic data were collected along two parallel traverses using two proton procession magnetometers with sensitivity of 1nT as one for base station and other for traverse. The observations are made at regular intervals and the data are corrected for diurnal variation as well as for the main field using IGRF. Qualitative interpretations of the TMI map, residual magnetic map, vertical derivative map and analytical signal revealed fracture/fault lineaments on the study area trending N-S. The analysis of first profile shows anomalies associated with dyke, fault and litho-contacts. The second profile which is at distance of 6 km from the first profile also shows consistent results and suggesting that the fault/lineaments is extending northwards. The results are highly correlating with the geological information available for the area. The study clearly suggests that magnetic studies can be very well applied to identify and map structural contacts