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Bullfight Festival, Socialization and Entertainment in Taruka -Nepal

Bishnu Prasad Dahal

The key to the interpretation of the Takura is bullfight through “entertainment.” It has been the structuring value for  most of the Taruka society, but based on the principle that festivals, creates entertainment in a way and, in another way, it acts as the mechanism for integrating society. Festivals can also be interpreted as the informal mechanism of reducing tensions, conflict and social stress in diverse society where people of different caste, ethnicity, and religions were live.Bullfight is in Taruka function as the means of entertainment on the occasion of Maghe or Makar Sankranti manifestly, and latently, it creates the opportunity of interactions of different people from different background, it also helps to establish the marriage relationship and kinship bond to create family; it also acts as the social platform to exchange commodities, values, sentiments, etc.