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Jornal de Hematologia e Doenças Tromboembólicas
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ISSN: 2329-8790


Cancer/Testis Antigen Expression Panel Incorporating MAGEC1 and BAGE2 Predicts Multiple Myeloma Disease Stage and Severity

Shires K, Teuchert A, Wienand K, Shankland I, Novitzky N

To provide a single molecular assay that could be used to easily stage Multiple Myeloma patients at diagnosis, we investigated the association between the simultaneous expression of 7 Multiple Myeloma-associated Cancer/Testis Antigens and biochemical parameters that are currently used for disease staging. We analysed the mRNA expression of MAGEC1, MAGEA3/A6, BAGE2, PRAME, NYESO1, SSX2 and PAGE by qualitative reverse transcription PCR using RNA extracted from diagnostic bone marrow samples from 39 patients covering the Multiple Myeloma disease continuum and compared this to levels of key biochemical parameters at diagnosis. We found that the Cancer/Testis Antigen panel was expressed in a specific order that was specifically associated with the severity of disease. This allowed the Cancer/Testis Antigens expression profile to successfully place the patient clearly into either stage I or stage III of the disease, with further sub-stratification in the stage III grouping. In addition, we putatively identified MAGEC1 expression as a confirmatory diagnostic marker for symptomatic Multiple Myeloma and clearly associated BAGE2 expression exclusively with stage III disease. We also demonstrated the novel finding of PAGE expression in Multiple Myeloma, with an association with more advanced disease. We suggest that this particular molecular Cancer/Testis Antigen panel can be used at diagnosis as a single test to clearly stage patients.