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Challenges and Opportunities of Small and Large Scale Poultry Production System in Some Selected Farms at Benadir Region, Somalia

Abdirahman Barre*, Abdifatah Muhudin Hirabe, Shuceyb Bare Ali, Mohamed Abdullahi Ali, Safiya Hassan Ahmed, Dahir Hussein Yusuf

Study background: Small Scale poultry production system in Somalia is mostly indigenous and an integral part of farming system in the whole country it is characterized by small flock, minimal input and disorganised market system. Poultry production are mainly used by planters in order to produce currency income and it is as the source of food for domestic and wildlife consumption. However, the study aimed to evaluate the production system of poultry by the case of challenges and opportunities to identify the scale of production in different poultry farms at Benadir region, Somalia.

Methodology: A purposive study was conducted from 1st April 2022-12th August 2022, the selected poultry farms were Deynile, Oodweyne and Darussalam. From the three selected sub-districts, the total samples were 100. In Deynile farms, were 29, Oodweyne farms were 34 and Darussalam farms were 37. Respectively, the primary and secondary data had collected by using questionnaires administrated via personal interviews. The information collected were included demographic characteristics of the poultry household, knowledge and practice of the poultry production farm systems.

Results: The overall challenges in poultry farms we had visited were about to 83.2% in the three (3) selected farms. The majority for poultry production system were non practiced farmers. In the area of the study was most villages of poultry production (63.3%) because most of the farmers use both poultry and other large animals. According to this study poultry is kept mainly for home consumption (62.1%), for income age group (38.5%) and for cultural standing (16.6%). However, the study area breeds were indigenous ecotype (57.6%). In the three (3) selected study area, used in different kind poultry of aged 3-4, semi aged 4-5 and>1 day age groups of poultry system and the challenge were estimated about incubation and other poultry management were 47.3%, bedding poultry were 25.5%, hot environment 32.2%, diseased chickens were 15.1%, and feed poultry shortage (afternoon and evening only) were also about 23.0% separately, though the highest number of poultry results were seen in one day age poultry. In our findings indicates poultry system with fair condition are most likely to be affected with the destroyed systems and calamite changes were affecting poultry production and productivity. Finally the authors recommend for further research to be done, there is needed education programs to be designed for this study, and community especially with the regard of poor handling challenges, and opportunity of poultry system.