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Jornal Internacional de Medicina Física e Reabilitação
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ISSN: 2329-9096


Chronic Muscle Spasm Induced Chronic Pain Treated with the CMECD® Procedure

Roger H Coletti

This article was not intended to be a complete report of a standard clinical trial. It is a report of the outcomes of preliminary data for validation of the CMECD® procedure (Coletti Method of EMG ChemoDenervation) protocol for the treatment of chronic pain resulting from chronic muscle spasm. Methods are here detailed on how to approach the patient with chronic pain, identify the presence of chronic muscle spasm and undertake the treatment protocol and how to perform the follow up process to confirm that chronic pain secondary to chronic muscle spasm was the accurate diagnosis. Furthermore, the results from a survey of a cohort of more than 90 patients treated by the CMECD® procedure are presented. This information regards the location and duration of prior pain, prior treatment strategies, degree of success in resolving pain and duration of relief. Outcome data consisting of patient and staff reporting of specific situations in which the chronic pain treatment was successful has been included to help establish the “believability” of outcome successes and to elucidate the potential life altering effects of successful treatment of chronic pain secondary to chronic muscle spasm. This article will hopefully enhance the interest in this treatment protocol and increase the chance that a classical international clinical trial will be undertaken.