Design de Medicamentos: Acesso Aberto

Design de Medicamentos: Acesso Aberto
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Comparative Evaluation of Tablets and Liquid-Solid Tablets: An Overview

Sunitha Reddy Baddam, Anusha Manthani

Oral route of administration is the convenient and safest route of administration. And of all the available dosage forms solid dosage forms like tablets are most widely used due to their stability and patient acceptability and preferred over other dosage forms as they are easy to formulate. These solid dosage forms contain medicaments with/without excipients and compressed as tablets by using machines known as Presses. Now-A-days tablets are prepared by using novel technique known as Liquid-solid compact which is a new and promising addition towards novel to enhance solubility and dissolution of poorly soluble drugs to increase bioavailability. This article’s aim is to review the Formulation, Characterization, types, defects and evaluations of tablets and formulation parts and preparation of liquid-solid compacts.