Sociologia e Criminologia-Acesso Aberto

Sociologia e Criminologia-Acesso Aberto
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ISSN: 2375-4435


Crime is Inevitable but Police is not friendly: Exploring the Public Perception of Police on Crime Prevention and Management in Lagos State, Nigeria

Okunola Oludare Victor

In recent times, lingering crime situations in Nigeria have becomes a source of concern among people in the country. Apparently, this has been attributed to ineffective prevention and management of crime activities by the Nigerian police force, which has generated distrust from the public, and sourcing of alternative indigenous security outfit for protection of lives and properties. The study explores the factors responsible for the perception of the public about police on crime prevention and management in Nigeria. It also examines the level of trust members of the public have on the effectiveness of the police force, and assesses the government efforts towards police-public friendly relationship in Nigeria. Social constructivism and Karl Marx Conflict theories were employed for the study. Descriptive research design was adopted, which uses in-depth interview guide to gathered information from participants. Purposive and snowball sampling techniques were used to select participants were used for the study. Data collected were analysed using content analysis. The study concluded thatpolice system should be completely independent, and not under the direct control of the executive in order to managed crime efficiently, and also, to discharged their constitutional duties of securing lives and properties to the people effectively without violation to fundamental right of the people in the country.