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Revista de Tecnologia da Informação e Engenharia de Software
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Designing a Bio-Capsule Secure Authentication System

Logeshwari R*, Karthikayani K, Sindhuja A and Ashok D

In this modern world, especially on the Internet, user might have more and more usernames or IDs and passwords, which contains his/her private information. There are too many for user to remember and it is unsafe to write them down on you notebook. To solve this problem, this paper made a designed a User data Management System (UMS), by which user can manage his/her private information’s efficiently. With the fast evolution in sensor technology biometric authentication system becomes more popular in daily lives. The biometrics is improving the capability to recognize the persons. The construction of Bio-Capsule from biometrics is used generally to secure the system. The biometrics used in this paper is fingerprint and iris. These two features are combined with the help of fusion algorithm. From the combined features, Bio-Capsule is generated which used for authenticating User data Management Systems.