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Development of CMOS devices - past, present and future


Electronics started in early 1900’s with the invention of vacuum tubes. This was a great technological revolution. Then, the next technological evolution started in early 1970’s by the invention of microelectronics or integrated circuits composed of huge number of tiny MOSFETs with micrometer size. The performance and cost of the IC per function have unbelievably improved by the continuous miniaturization of the MOSFETs. Now, the microelectronics have evolved to the nanoelectronics and micro-nano-electronics is the base of smart society for today and near-future, which is characterized by internet, IoT, and AI. However, it is expected that the miniaturization will reach its limit within 10 years, because of several reasons. Then, what about the development of integrated circuits or integrated devices  technologies after the end of miniaturization? Integrated circuits miniaturization technologies for logic and memory will diffuse and diverse to various kinds of devices such as power, photovoltaic, sensor, energy storage etc, in the coming IoT, 5/6G and AI era. In near future, many different kinds of devices will be integrated or connected on-chip, in package, or by wired/wireless networks, and will form integrated devices for smart system suitable for that era. The introduction of new materials will be more active as well as the miniaturization of the various kinds of devices.