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Revista de Gestão Hoteleira e Empresarial
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ISSN: 2169-0286


Effect of One Belt One Road Initiative (OBORI) Policy on the International Spread of Chinese Brands

Karamoko K.E.H. NDA1*, Jiaoju Ge1, Steven Ji-Fan Ren1, Jia Wang2

Since the advent of the OBORI, it was subjected to numerous studies. However, most previous studies investigated only the potential impact of the OBORI on the Chinese economy and geopolitics. Therefore, its real effect on Chinese international commerce in OBORI countries is not evaluated yet. Accordingly, this study intends to model the OBORI effect on Chinese product brand purchases across country members. The assessment is made on 18362 purchases of the International Online Consumers (IOCs) from a Chinese international online selling platform. The Data was obtained from a programming language and the octopus software. The OBORI policy's effect on Chinese brands' purchases was examined through a Different in Different Model (DIDM). Results show that the impact of OBORI is weak in the real market. However, it could be significant if OBORI includes more developed and economically strong countries. To Chinese brands and policymakers, we show how the inclusion in the OBORI project of developed countries could contribute more to Chinese product brands' purchases. Thus, the study enables decision makers to understand the current impact of OBORI on the real market and its potential effect if more developed and economically strong countries are included.