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Bioquímica e Farmacologia: Acesso Aberto
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Efficacy of Different Drugs for Migraine Treatment

Aziz Iqra*

Migraine is a severe headache pain causing disease that is winning in excess of 4 million individuals. There causes are not surely known, yet sufferers for the most part have various sensations towards headache torment. There is no appropriate treatment for this; patients are encouraged to avoid potential risk. Different compelling medications that have demonstrated astounding outcomes in the counteractive action of headache and are mainstream today. These medications incorporate, Dexketoprofen, galcanenzuma, Erenumab, TV-48125 and Gapant (ubrozepant and rimazapant) and losmiditan (a deton). These meds have demonstrated incredible outcomes in moderating headache torment and diminishing agony days. What's more, these prescriptions can possibly treat a headache understanding with serious torment.