Jornal Internacional de Avanços em Tecnologia

Jornal Internacional de Avanços em Tecnologia
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ISSN: 0976-4860


Encryption Scheme for Secure Routing in Ad Hoc Networks

Sunil Taneja, Ashwani Kush and Sima Singh

A recent trend in Ad Hoc network routing is the reactive on-demand philosophy where routes are established only when required. Most of the protocols in this category are not incorporating proper security features. The ad hoc environment is accessible to both legitimate network users and malicious attackers. It has been observed that different protocols need different strategies for security. The key issues concerning these areas have been addressed here. The cryptic algorithm has been proposed in this paper. This scheme can make most of the on-demand routing protocols secure. The study will help in making protocols more robust against attacks and standardize parameters for security in protocols.