Plantas medicinais e aromáticas

Plantas medicinais e aromáticas
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ISSN: 2167-0412


Ethnobotanical Study of Useful Climbers Creepers & Twiners of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University campus and Adjoining Areas of District Rajouri (J&K)

Tahir Mahmood*

The present study deals with climbers creepers and twiners of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, and adjoining areas of district Rajouri. Ethnomedicinal plants are necessary for treatment of various diseases and production of various medicines. The Climbers, Creepers and twiner are extensively used as medicine. The local people of district Rajouri use 43 climbers of the vascular plants for medicine, vegetable and fodder. As tradition culture is disappearing the knowledge about the plants wealth is going to lost. The information on Climbers, Creepers and twiner Species is obtained while studying the flora of (J&K) Himalaya and medicinal plants of Pirajapati Prohit. For each plant its family, botanical name, vernacular name, common name, Local name, English name, flowering Period is given. As per the climatic condition the plants are showing their presence in different sites. Some plants species which are climber creepers and twiner in their tendency are referred as climber creepers and twiner. A climbing plant includes tendrils and twiner having adventitious roots on nodular part of the stem helpful for their climber creepers and twiner on ant substratum. A total of 43 climbers’ creepers and twiner species belonging to 36 families were recorded for the medicinal, vegetable and fodder. Among all the families Convolvulaceae were found to be most abundant having 6 species followed by Cucurbitaceae and Dioscoreaceae.