HIV: pesquisa atual

HIV: pesquisa atual
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ISSN: 2572-0805


Evaluation of immunological response of HIV/AIDS patients placed on HAART and herbal medicine within 12 months treatment

Ogbonnaya Ogbu

Immunological response of 140 HIV/AIDS patients who willingly after informed consent, accepted to participate in the study, included 100 HIV patients in Mile Four Hospital who were placed on HAART and 40 HIV patients who went for treatment at Herbal clinics at Izzi Local Government Area and were given herbal concoction. Blood specimens from the two groups were taken every four months (0 month (before medication started), then 4 months later, 8 months and 12 months. CD4+ cells and white blood cell counts (WBC) were determined with ABACUS 380 automated machine in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. The findings from the investigations revealed that all the patients who religiously took HAART medication had steady CD4+ lymphocytes for 8 months before an increase of about 5 to 20 CD4+/mm3.