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Jornal Internacional de Avanços em Tecnologia
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Feasibility of a matter/anti-matter propulsion system for attaining relativistic speeds in space using the Compton Effect

Charles Mark Pickrell

Introduction:  Recent work by H. Chen and others at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and E. Stenson and others at Max Planck Institute, have demonstrated key components of a matter/anti-matter propulsion system for generating relativistic speeds in space.  In this presentatation, a feasible system for generation of relativistic speeds, using matter/anti-matter annihilations and the Compton Effect, is proposed.  The presentation includes:  1) the science background for the proposed matter/anti-matter propulsion system; 2) the components

of the propulsion system; 3) a calculation of the relativistic speeds likely attainable

by the system; and 4) proposals for proof-of-concept demonstrations necessary to test the

proposed system.

An article describing the proposed system, and containing calculations regarding the possible speeds attainable by it, has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Space Exploration.

Conclusion:  High-speed inter-planetary, and even interstellar, travel is feasible, within current human lifetimes, using existing, proven technologies.