Revista de Gestão Hoteleira e Empresarial

Revista de Gestão Hoteleira e Empresarial
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ISSN: 2169-0286


Formation of Intellectual Capital in the Face of COVID-19

Javier Carreon Guillen*, Juan Antonio Garza Sanchez, Cruz Garcia-Lirios, Hector Daniel Molina-Ruiz, Celia Yaneth Quiroz Campas, Rosa Maria Rincon Ornelas

Social about entrepreneurship warn a process of deliberate, planned and systematic rational choice which promote intellectual capital formation are predominant determinants. Specify a model for the study of trust dimensions: experiences, knowledge, capabilities, emotions, and abilities. Not experimental, documentary and retrospective study with a nonrandom selection of sources indexed repositories, considering the keywords and the publication period 2015-2020. A model with eight hypotheses three paths dependency relationships between nine variables put forward in the state of knowledge was specified.