HIV: pesquisa atual

HIV: pesquisa atual
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ISSN: 2572-0805


General Therapeutics for HIV

Mohammed amin akbar khan

As a result of the HIV epidemic's acceleration, is now the leading cause of mortality for HIV-positive people worldwide, accounting for 22% (350,000) of all HIV-related fatalities worldwide. Of the 8.8 million incident cases of HIV reported worldwide in 2010, 1.1 million affected HIV-positive individuals . There is now convincing evidence that treating HIV patients concurrently, as opposed to starting Antiretroviral (ARV) medications after HIV treatment is finished, lowers mortality. Because of this, cotreatment has become the norm for the majority of patients. Although 6 months of combination therapy are still necessary for the treatment of drug-sensitive HIV, there are methods being researched and must be evaluated among patients.