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Aves, Pesca e Ciências da Vida Selvagem
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ISSN: 2375-446X


Impacts of Climate Variability on the Pink Shrimp (Penaeus subtilis) Fishery on the Amazon Shelf

Walter Hugo Diaz Pinaya, Rodrigo Campos, Breno Portilho de Sousa Maia, Zelia Maria Pimentel Nunes, Bianca Bentes

Bottom shrimp trawling on the Brazilian Amazon shelf is historically recognized by the environmental impacts and with the advent of technologies for detecting and locating shoals, the effects of using bottom trawls are even more intense. Thus, and considering the relationship of shrimp catches with climatic and oceanographic events, increasingly the nets operating along the coast of the Brazilian Amazon account for a greater number of dead organisms at sea. Our results show that direct or indirect, small, and medium scale events, such as sea surface temperature, the duration and intensity of the Amazon River hydrological cycle and the field of trade winds, as well as large scale events, like ENSO and heat flux in the Atlantic Ocean, interact with the shrimp fishery dynamics in the study area. The need for ways to control the impacts generated by fishing nets is evident, and the efforts of the Brazilian government are still little or almost never efficient in face of the political-economic mobilizations of the productive sector.