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Implementation of Secure Cross-site Communication on QIIIEP

Dilip Kumar Sharma, A. K. Sharma

In today’s scenario, web is expanding exponentially and internet is evolving towards presentation to social connectivity. The web is in the phase of inter operative extensive data diffusion necessitating proper information dissemination. The query intensive interface information extraction protocol (QIIIEP) is proposed to fulfill this need. QIIIEP is the novel protocol proposed by the same author for efficient retrieval of deep web information. Implementation of QIIIEP is based on cross-site communication, which is a technique to provide communication between different sites by using various client or server side methods. As the functioning of QIIIEP protocol is based on cross-site communication, so purpose of this paper is to find out efficient, safe and secure mechanism for cross-site communication for QIIIEP protocol. In this paper, the different aspects of technological implementations of different available cross-site communication techniques with reference to QIIIEP protocol are analyzed with their relative advantages, limitations and security concerns. The purpose of this analysis is to find out the appropriate solution for query words extraction from web pages so that query words can be efficiently stored on the QIIIEP server [1]. A simple and secure mechanism is proposed in which all the confidential contents are enclosed in tag. This tag ensures encryption of contents at server side and decryption at client site. It provides a simple and secure cross-site communication in thick client environment for QIIIEP server with minimum security risk.