Entomologia, ornitologia e herpetologia: pesquisas atuais

Entomologia, ornitologia e herpetologia: pesquisas atuais
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ISSN: 2161-0983


Insect Pests and Predators Associated with Mango Varieties

Ahmed Khan Mari, Abdul Ghaffar Khoso, Khalid A E Eisawi, Enayat Aziz, Mansab Khan

The experiments were conducted to examine the insect pests and predators associated with mango varieties commonly cultivated in Sindh province. Four mango varieties were included in this study (Sirroli, Langra, Sindhri and Neelum) and insect pests were assessed through trap catches. The results showed that the insect pests associated with different mango varieties as observed from the weekly trap catches were mango hoppers, Amrittodus atkinsoni, Idioscopus clypealis, mango thrips, Rhipphorothrips cruentatus, Thripstabaci, mango fruitflies, Dacus zonatus, D. dorsalis, mango scales, Aspidiotus destructor, Parlotoria pegandei and mango mealy bugs, Drosicha stebingi; while the predators were identified as Chrysopalac ciperda, Mallada boninensis and Polynema.. The predators did not show a linear trend either for increase or for decrease in population. The trap catches were higher in the months of June and July. Varieties Neelum and Langra attracted more predators as compared to Sindhri and Sirroli varieties.