Journal of Glycomics & Lipidômica

Journal of Glycomics & Lipidômica
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ISSN: 2153-0637


Integration of nanotechnology into glycomics: Construction and application of glycan and lectin biosensors

Jan Tkac

Integration of nanotechnology into the field of glycomics can address current limitations of fluorescent glycan and lectin microarrays. Moreover, label-free transducing schemes especially when working in an ultrasensitive fashion can be applied in a reliable detection of low abundant disease biomarkers. For example, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy applied in our studies allows detecting analyte molecules down to a single molecule level (i.e., aM level) if immobilization architecture of ligands (lectins or glycans) is controlled at nanoscale. Utilization of such devices in serological glycoprofile of samples from people having some diseases, in analysis of cancer biomarkers, cancer cell lines and viruses will be discussed.