Jornal de Cromatografia e Técnicas de Separação

Jornal de Cromatografia e Técnicas de Separação
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ISSN: 2157-7064


Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Activated Sunflowers Seeds Shell Carbon (SSSC) as Sorbent Material

Mohamed Mohamed el-Halwany

Carbon prepared from waste plants for the treatment of dyeing industry effluents has high significance in environmental sustainability and economic viability. Methylene Blue (MB) in aqueous solutions was subjected to color removal by the adsorption technique onto activated sunflowers seeds shell carbon (SSSC) as agricultural material. Results obtained indicate that the removal efficiency of Methylene Blue varies from 92.7 to 95.6% by rising the temperature from 30 to 60°C at pH from 6 to 8. The results fit the BET model for adsorption of Methylene Blue on SSSC, verify the assumption that the adsorbate molecules could be adsorbed in more one layer thick and non homogenous on the surface of the adsorbent. A comparison of kinetic models (pseudo first-order, the pseudo secondorder, Elovich and intraparticle diffusion) at different conditions showed that the pseudo second-order kinetic model correlate the experimental data well. Van’t Hoff equation was used to evaluate the thermodynamic parameters (ΔH, ΔS, and ΔG), which indicate that adsorption processes for the present work are exothermic, and this is agreement with the stability of adsorption capacity with temperature, chemically in nature, and spontaneous.