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Jornal de Geologia e Geofísica
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Landslide Susceptible Mapping Using InSAR and GIS Techniques: Overview of Debresina Area, Ethiopia

Solomon G. Cherie, Natnael Agegnehu Ayele

Landslide is major problem in Ethiopian highlands (i.e. Debresina area).we mapped landslide susceptible using InSAR and GIS techniques. Researchers used digital elevation model (DEM), minister of water and resource soil map, LANDSAT 8 OLI/TIRS, Ethiopian road map to produce control factors of GIS methods. SAR images (sentinel 1A) also used for landslide displacement during InSAR mehod.result showed that GIS helps for landslide zoning (i.e. very high, high, moderate and low susceptible) and wrapped Interferogram shows -12 to 12 mm/yr displacement. Hence high and very high class overlapped on the highest displacement. Both results were validated with GPS data using Relative landslide density index (R-index) method. Accordingly 90.9 percent of sample points were occurred on displacement map (Interferogram) and the same percent of those points overlapped on high and very high zones. This implies that both InSAR and GIS method can be used for landslide susceptibility mapping but for more accurate works and quantify landslide displacement we recommend InSAR techniques.