Jornal de antivirais e antirretrovirais

Jornal de antivirais e antirretrovirais
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ISSN: 1948-5964


Major Depressive Disorder and Brain: A Neurotrophic Factor in Terms of Epigenetics and the Application of Natural Substances

Erhan Yarar

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is the main source of incapacity in developed nations (350 million individuals are influenced around the world), with wrecking side effects including depressed state of brain, loss of interest or happiness, official dysfunctions, psychomotor impediment, suicide ideation, and eating and sleep unsettling influences. Natural substances and cognitive enhancers are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals and utilitarian nourishments that are implied to improve mental capacities, for example, insight, memory, knowledge, inspiration, consideration and focus for all BDNF is a big player. Thus their neglected importance and their application in MDD and BDNF should be revisited. This review discusses multiple aspects of MDD and BDNF in terms of epigenetics and natural substances as treatment options and will comprise of exploratory research with the purpose to propose a framework based on the literature review and the research findings to readers.