Jornal de Síndromes Genéticas e Terapia Gênica

Jornal de Síndromes Genéticas e Terapia Gênica
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ISSN: ISSN: 2157-7412


Mitochondrial Activities Regulate G-actin Filaments, Regulate TXA2 Subunits,and VEGF-A Subunits Synthesis , Through Expressing its Anti- Inflammatory Enzymes, which are Playing Imp. roles in Regulating Muscle Contractions,Increasing Anti-Inflammatory Cycles, and the Strengthen of Heartbeats

Ashraf Marzouk El Tantawi

Mitochondria are dynamic organelles contain inner and outer membranes amino acids genes, that move, fuse, and divide according to the needs of the cell through stimulation from ribosomal genes activities for responding and activities of biological molecules in cells tissue metabolism . Mitochondria have a characteristic double membranes structure and function between inner and outer membranes in slightly and widely activities. The inner membrane is fully controlled by ribosomes RNAs but outer membrane is synthesised and controlled by inner membrane long-OPA1 gene (L-OPA1 gene) where outer membrane manly synthesised and controlled by mitochondrial inner membrane( MIM) to implement the functions of the inner membranethe (MIM) and running its programed processes.