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Jornal Internacional de Avanços em Tecnologia
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Performance Evaluation and Simulation of Binary Signalling with EGC in Generalized Flat-Fading Channels

Jyoteesh Malhotra

In this paper, a performance investigation of Equal Gain Combining (EGC) multichannel receiver over Generalized Flat-fading channels is presented. The Generic-Gamma fading model has been used here which is versatile enough to represent most of the short term fading conditions as well as long term Shadowing. The Average Bit Error Rate (ABER) has been evaluated for Coherent and Differentially-Coherent binary modulation formats. With the aid of Moment based approach, computationally efficient rational expressions have been derived. Using these novel expressions, the performance of multichannel wireless receiver with EGC and without diversity combining has been evaluated in variety of generalized flat-fading conditions. The results have been validated through simulations which shows perfect match.