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Jornal de Desenvolvimento de Drogas
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Potential of Herbal Remedies for Treatment of COVID-19

Minal Ghule

Current recommendation for the self-management of SARS-CoV-2 disease herbal medicine has played an important role in controlling infectious diseases. Clinical evidence from a range of studies of herbal medicine in the treatment of SARS Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) has shown significant results, and supported the idea that herbal medicine has a beneficial in the treatment and prevention of epidemic diseases. It is expected that many patients will add other symptomatic/adjuvant treatments, such as herbal medicines. The main purpose of this paper is to review typical and ongoing treatments for Coronavirus Disease including home remedies, herbal medicine, chemical drugs, plasma therapy, and also vaccines. In this regards, famous herbal medicines and common chemical drugs which are routinely to be prescribed for patients are introduced. Moreover, a section is assigned to the drug interactions and some outdated drugs which have been proved to be inefficient. We hope that this work could pave the way for researchers to develop faster and more reliable methods for earlier treatment of patients and rescue more people.