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Avanços na Pesquisa Pediátrica
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Prevalence and Associated Factors with Unintended Pregnancy among Pregnant Women: Attending Antenatal Care Follow up in Mizan Aman General Hospital, Bench Maji Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Kaleab Tesfaye Tegegne, Tadele Kassahun Wudu, Sewunet Enyew, Yideg Abinew, Jemberu Chane

Background: An unintended pregnancy is unwanted, unplanned or mistimed at the time of conception, despite modern contraception, better provision of sex education, and greater scientific knowledge about reproduction. A number of factors combine to place women today at great risk of unintended pregnancy. An unintended pregnancy is a pregnancy associated with an increased risk of morbidity for women and with health behavior during pregnancy.

Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence and associated factors of unintended pregnancy among pregnant women attending Antenatal care follow up in Mizan Aman General Hospital, Ethioipa.

Methods: The study was conducted in Mizan Aman General Hospital and institutional based cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the prevalence and associated factors of unintended pregnancy. Convenience sampling method was used during the study period and data was collected from May 1-15, 2021 by using semi structured questioner but this was pre tested before actual data collection. Finally, description, tables, graphs and charts were used to present the result.

Result: 204 respondents were interviewed and the response rate was 100%. The prevalence of unintended pregnancy was 36.8% and the most frequent reasons mentioned by the participants in this study for failure to avoid unintended pregnancy were forget of contraceptive and discontinuation, ideal number of children a women wanted, difficulties in negotiating contraceptives as well as contraceptive failure.

Conclusion: According to this study age of the respondent, occupation, educational status, marital status, age at marriage, Inter-pregnancy length, discussion about their pregnancy before getting it and knowledge about advantage of contraceptive were significantly contributing to unintended pregnancy.