Jornal de Hematologia e Doenças Tromboembólicas

Jornal de Hematologia e Doenças Tromboembólicas
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ISSN: 2329-8790


Prominent Reactive Plasmacytic Proliferation Presenting with Transient Pancytopenia: An Unusual Case

Fusun Ozdemırkıran, Zafer Gokgoz, Nazan Ozsan, Mıne Hekımgıl, Fılız Vural and Seckın Cagırgan

Reactive bone marrow plasmacytosis occurs in association with a variety of conditions. In such reactive cases, Plasma Cells (PCs) usually account for 10%-20% of cells in bone marrow trephine biopsy sections and rarely exceed 50%. Here in we report an unusual case of bone marrow aplasia associated with prominent atypical plasma cell proliferation and hypoplastic bone marrow.