Anais e Essências da Odontologia

Anais e Essências da Odontologia
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ISSN: 0975-8798, 0976-156X



Sudha K, Ashok Chaganti, Laxmana Rao Ch

A thorough knowledge of root canal anatomy and its variations is very important for successful endodontic therapy and it depends upon the locations of all the canals, debridement and proper sealing. At times the clinicians are challenged with variations in morphology of root canal, one of such variations are observed in mandibular first molars. It is well known that both primary and permanent mandibular first molars usually have two roots, one mesial and distal and rarely an additional third root (supernumerary root) , when it is located distolingually to the main distal root is called “radix entomolaris (RE)” and when it is placed mesiobuccaly to the mesial root is called “radix paramolaris (RP) .” This review article attempts to make the dental fraternity aware of this morpho-anatomical variation, prevalence and endodontic management of these teeth thereby making their endodontic treatment successful.