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Recurrent Ipsilateral Cornual Pregnancy with High bHCG Level Successfully Treated with Single Dose of Methotrexate Injection: A Case Report

Cheng Ka Ning Katherine, Lee Man Hin Menelik and On Kou Kam

Cornual pregnancy is a type of ectopic pregnancy with the highest incidence of mortality. The incidence of recurrent cornual pregnancy is not known. We report a rare case of recurrent ipsilateral cornual ectopic pregnancy with bHCG level >7000 IU/L, which was managed successfully using a single dose of systemic methotrexate injection.

A 33 year old lady had recurrent ipsilateral cornual pregnancy after previous salpingectomy and cornual resection. The size of cornual pregnancy was small and unruptured. The initial bHCG level was 7299 IU/L. She was given medical treatment by a single-dose intramuscular methotrexate injection and the cornual pregnancy was resolved after 5 weeks.

In conclusion, systemic administration of methotrexate can be considered in unruptured cornual pregnancy in a haemodynamically stable patient even with high level of initial bHCG level of over 7000.