Revista de Medicina Perioperatória

Revista de Medicina Perioperatória
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ISSN: 2684-1290


Revolutionary treatment of adult acne, trespassing the conventional method

Tan Huey Shin

Adult acne is a common presenting case in aesthetic clinic practice. Prescription medicine such as isotretinoin, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, topical alpha hydroxy acid, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin A derivatives; conventional treatments such as chemical peels works undoubtedly. However due to the side effects, predominantly dryness, downtime and long treatment duration has been a long existing barrier against treatment compliance in the fast modern society. Combination treatments with injectable hyaluronic acid and Picosecond laser have shown to improve treatment comfort, compliance, shorten treatment duration and thus reducing the risk of recurrence and the ability to treat acne scar at the same time increases patient confidence & satisfaction. Aim: To study the effectiveness of treatment of adult acne by incorporating the combination method using injectable sub dermal and intradermal hyaluronic acid and picosecond laser. Materials and Methods: hese treatment combination with injectable hyaluronic acid and picosecond laser at specific settings were offered to adult men & women diagnosed with adult acne majority with history of oral isotretinoin treatment intolerance, patients with sensitive and acneic skin and patients who are not keen on oral medication seeking alternative modern treatments with less discomfort and shorter treatment duration. All results were evaluated by photographic evidence.