Jornal de Distúrbios da Comunicação, Estudos Surdos e Aparelhos Auditivos

Jornal de Distúrbios da Comunicação, Estudos Surdos e Aparelhos Auditivos
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ISSN: 2375-4427


School Enrollment among Children with Disability in Rural Eastern Ethiopia: A Community-Based Survey

Geda B, Berhane Y, Assefa N and Worku A

Background: Information about school enrollment with disability (7-14 years) is not readily available in Ethiopia. This study assessed current school enrollment in Eastern Ethiopia.

Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional community-based study among households in Kersa Health and Demographic Surveillance System in Eastern Ethiopia. A household survey identified school aged children with disability. Then, a structured and pretested questionnaire was used to assess current school enrollment.

Results: A total of 305 school aged children with disability were enrolled in this study. Of which 151 (49.5%); (95% CI=43.9%, 55.1%) were currently at school. Bullying and lack of resources were the most common problems for low proportion of school enrollment. Proportion of children with hearing loss was very high as compared with other categories. Children with multiple disabilities (AOR=0.40; 95% CI=0.18, 0.88) were less likely to be enrolled to school. Male children with disability (AOR=2.40; 95% CI=1.47, 3.92) and those from households with high wealth index (AOR=1.96; 95% CI=1.08, 3.57) had a better chance for school enrollment.

Conclusion: School enrollment for children with disability was very low. Efforts need to be intensified to reinforce regulations that favor enrollment of children with disability to regular schools.