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Jornal de Desenvolvimento de Drogas
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The Effect of D-Tagatose on Fructose Absorption in a Rat Model

Jarrod Williams, Michael Spitnale and Robert Lodder

The main objective of this study is to know the effect of D-Tagatose on Fructose Absorption in a Rat Model. Dtagatose is the naturally occurring epimer of fructose. The study at hand consisted of 2 phases. The aim of the pilot portion was twofold: (1) verify to work out to see the extent of radiation in ketohexose that required to be gift, so as to provide without delay measurable scintillation counts in plasma samples, and (2) to validate that the procedure we tend to were victimization may determine changes within the general levels of carbohydrates with applied math significance. The second portion of the protocol commands the answers to the queries that actuated United States of America to pursue the study. Here, we tend to use the exercise valid within the pilot to elucidate the result that D-tagatose would wear absorption of ketohexose co-administered with it in associate degree in vivo rat model. We tend to additionally established the result that the absorbed ketohexose had on glycemia, or a lot of significantly, the flexibility of D-tagatose to blunt the glycemic result of ketohexose.