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Jornal de Desenvolvimento de Drogas
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The Risk of Hormone Anabolic Steroids and Oral Contraceptives Consumption in the Young

Manuela Stoicescu

Introduction: The consumption of hormone anabolic steroids and oral contraceptives is a growing phenomenon difficult to quantify and accurately control due to partial recognition or hiding consumption and lack of knowledge of youth on this issue on the side effects as hypertension plays an important role with youth. Materials and methods: The study was conducted in ambulatory specialty in Clinical Hospital Oradea City, Bihor County, Internal Cabinet. It is a prospective longitudinal study conducted over a period of approximately three years. In this study a number of 321 young patients aged 18-35 years have been included who were diagnosed with hypertension: BP>140/90 mmHg confirmed in at least three repeated measurements in one week to exclude “white coat phenomenon”, which is very common especially with young women, or have a severe amount of BP ≥ 170/110 mmHg, at the first determination. Results and discussions: The consumption of oral contraceptives was 2.80% and that of anabolic steroids was present at 1.55% in young hypertensive in the study. Conclusions: The percentage of young hypertensive after consumption of anabolic steroids and ACO hormones (oral contraceptives), with young women can be completely canceled by avoiding consumption of information and youth programs on the subject, they run the risk of consuming them.