Jornal de Yoga e Fisioterapia

Jornal de Yoga e Fisioterapia
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ISSN: 2157-7595


The Yoga Empowers Seniors Study (YESS): Design and Asana Series

Gail A. Greendale, Leslie Kazadi, RYT, Sheila Mazdyasni BS, Emmanuel Ramirez BA, Man-Ying Wang, Sean S-Y Yu and George Salem

The practice of yoga asanas (postures) may be an optimal method of preserving or enhancing physical function in older men and women. However, the physical demands, efficacy and safety of an asana practice for seniors have not been well studied. The Yoga Empowers Seniors Study (YESS) is an intervention development study that created two senior-adapted series of asanas targeted for an ambulatory older population. YESS is using biomechanics and physical performance tests to acquire information about the physical demands placed on the muscles and joints by the asanas and the functional performance adaptations resulting from the yoga practice. This manuscript details the standardized, senior-adapted, YESS asana series and the additional asana modifications provided when participants had physical limitations. This presentation will enable the yoga research and teaching communities to interpret the biomechanics, physical performance and side effects outcomes of YESS.