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Medicina de Emergência: Acesso Aberto
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Title of the Study: a Retrospective Analysis of the Pattern and Severity of Injuries in Victims of Road Traffic Accidents in Karachi, Pakistan during 2010-2011

Mohammad Zeeshan Raza, Fatima Ahmed, Ayesha Ahmed, Aiman Ghani, Laraib Malik and Uzair Ahmed Siddiqui

1.1. Objective
To find out the socio-demographic profile, pattern and severity of injuries sustained in road traffic accidents. 1.2. Design
Retrospective hospital-based observational study.
1.3. Settings
Data were retrieved from the six government hospitals with medico legal officers during the period of two years i.e. from 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2011.
1.4. Participants
A total of 2221 official records of RTA which occurred in the study duration of 2 years were included in the sample of the study.
1.5. Main outcome measures
Patients socio demographic variables (age, sex, occupation, ethnicity, religion); type of vehicle; type of road user; time of RTA; outcome of RTA; whether the person was killed or injured, were recorded.
1.6. Results
The number of cases in the year 2010 and 2011 were 965 (43.44%) and 1256 (56.55%) respectively. Out of 2221 cases, 838 (37.73%) were killed while 1383 (62.26%) were injured due to RTA occurring in Karachi. Majority of subjects were between 16-30 years (50.96%) and males (94.01%) (p<0.001).Maximum number of cases were pedestrians (31.11%) hit mainly by the car(38.94%) (p<0.001).Head injuries were most common (59.4%) (p<0.001) leading to acute head trauma, the main cause of death in road accidents. Most cases were observed between 4 pm to 8 pm (51.62%) (p< 0.001).
1.7. Conclusion
Policies should be made based on the local evidence and research for the demographic, economical and other circumstances found in the developing countries.