Jornal de Pesquisa do Câncer e Imuno-Oncologia

Jornal de Pesquisa do Câncer e Imuno-Oncologia
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ISSN: 2684-1266


Treatment Strategies for Cancer Using Mathematical Models

Aadil Rashid Sheergojri*, Pervaiz Iqbal

In recent decades, there has been significant progress in conceptual, empirical and therapeutic understanding of tumor cells and innate immunity. Research has led to several practical cancer treatment approaches, including oncolytic viruses, immunotherapy and radiotherapy. Cancer polytherapy models circumvent biological and pharmacological barriers to enhance patient survival rates. Mathematical analysis of genetic variability and clinical outcomes can lead to better medication delivery regimens and biological discoveries. Cancer research must overcome the challenges associated with transferring this type of research into health centers to achieve the goals of this strategy.