Jornal de Nanomedicina e Descoberta Bioterapêutica

Jornal de Nanomedicina e Descoberta Bioterapêutica
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ISSN: 2155-983X


Use and therapeutic application of nanocarriers (smart drugs) to prevention and remediation of cardiovascular diseases

J M Velez

This work focuses on the potential of nanotechnology in nanomedicine, mainly cardiovascular pharmacology discipline, including the highlight rational approaches in design, manufacturing, development, and applications of nanodevices (smart drugs) containing nanoparticles that acts as nanocarriers to controlled and direct for site-specific targeted smart drug delivery into human body using artificial receptors, and unique nanoparticle systems for diagnostics, screening, medical imaging, prevention, and correction of cardiovascular pathologies therapy after administration routes. Our purpose is to offer the most efficient the development pathways for nanomedicine is to merge biomolecular and cellular techniques, tools and method with the nanotechnology knowledge base, as it specifically relates to the development of nanoparticles for enabling and improving targeted delivery of the therapeutic agents; developing novel and more effective diagnostic and screening techniques to extend the limits of molecular diagnostics providing point-of-care diagnosis and more personalized medicine.