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Influence of Organic Amendments and Bio-Control Agent on Yield and Quality of Tuberose

Afroz Naznin, Mofazzal Hossain M, Kabita Anju-Man Ara, Azizul Hoque, Mazadul Islam and Tuhina hasan

An experiment was conducted to determine the appropriate dose and combination of organic and chemical fertilizers and to assess the effect of bio-control agent (Trichoderma) on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L. cv. Single), including stem length, rachis length, spike length, floret number, flower yield, flower durability, number of bulb etc. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications having eight treatments as follows: T1= Farmyard manure (5 t/ha) + ¼ RDF, T2= Poultry refuse (5 t/ha) + ¼ RDF, T3= Bokashi (3 t/ha) + ¼ RDF, T4= Mustard oil cake (500 kg/ha) + ¼ RDF, T5= Vermicompost (5 t/ha) + ¼ RDF, T6= Tricho-compost (3 t/ha) + ¼ RDF, T7= Tricho-leachate (3000 L/ha ) + ¼ RDF and T8= Control (Recommended doses of fertilizer) (N150 P45 K88 S10 B1 Zn1 kg/ha). Maximum growth, yield and yield contributing characters were recorded in T6= Tricho-compost (3 t/ha) + ¼ RDF which were statistically superior to other treatments. Maximum plants emergence (93.3%) recorded in T6 (Tricho-compost + ¼ RDF). In case of plant height, number of leaves per plant, plant spread, days to flowering, number of florets, flower yield, bulb production, T6= Tricho-compost (3 t/ha) + ¼ RDF gave superior results over control (Recommended doses of fertilizer). The data obtained from the experiment showed that Tricho-compost with fertilizer enhanced qualitative and quantitative characters of tuberose flowers.