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Engenharia Enzimática
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ISSN: 2329-6674


Smart Sustainability Model for Technology and Natural Life Processes to SAFEGUARD Environment and Related Issues

Er. Anup Bagla

If there is Oneness, love, acceptance, respect and tolerance for each other, the sum total of resources on earth are sufficient for everyone’s existence and healthy functioning of natural processes at Molecular Biology level. Material poverty originates from the poverty of these virtues- which leads to non-sustainable and non- environmental friendly, self-oriented vertical developmental initiatives, leading to social asymmetry, friction and unhealthy functioning of natural processes at Molecular Biology level. I feel that to make development holistic with connectivity of natural resources at all levels of consumption and the impact of the way it is consumed (Input → processing → output), encompassing all the elements of our society, economy and natural- environmental aspects - there is a need for balanced ‘Growth and Development’ optimizing the use of resources to maintain balance between the user and the need it is fulfilling and at the same time the impact it is making on the society at large and larger environment / Universe and here comes the concept of ‘Smart Sustainability (Development) Model’.