Revista de Nutrição e Ciências Alimentares

Revista de Nutrição e Ciências Alimentares
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ISSN: 2155-9600


Assessment of Selected Proximate Composition and, Pb and Mn Level of Kocho and Bulla Enset Products Collected From Tepi, Southwestern Ethiopia

Shisho Haile Gelata

This study focused on determination of selected proximate composition such as moisture content, ash content and organic matter as well as concentration of Pb and Mn in Kocho and Bulla samples collected from Tepi Town market. The samples have been purchased from Tepi market and analyzed for specified parameters in Mizan-Tepi University department of Chemistry laboratory. The result showed that moisture (93 ± 1%) and (89 ± 2.35%) in Kocho and Bulla respectively, while the ash content (2 ± 0.5%) and (1 ± 0.5%) in Kocho and Bulla respectively. On the other hand, heavy metals was found to be Pb 0.05 ± 0.89 in Kocho and 0.07 ± 1.44 in Bulla while Mn 0.05 ± 1.29 and 0.008 ± 0.23 respectively. In conclusion, varietal variation can affect proximate composition as well as the concentration of trace metal of the final product. This assessment can be the starting point for the selection of varieties of better nutritional value to reduce possible dietary insufficient uptake in the area.