Revista Internacional de Psicologia Escolar e Cognitiva

Revista Internacional de Psicologia Escolar e Cognitiva
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Role of human in Holistic for Futuristic Challenges

Julie Rammal

We are witnessing the birth of an E- Human specie, extinction of the human specie race, within the new era. The physical body, mind and spirit is transforming into an E-human speie that’s a semi robotic being where movement, thinking, feeling, emotions will vanish. The Holistic Movement is that the movement of the longer term that educates, trains, and prepares individuals to surpass all body & mind challanges thru powerful training in Holistic body, mind, education, living, and healing. It’s methods prepare the human specie to be traditionally inter- connected in body, mind, soul within and to a better universal field to surpass future challenges by igniting the human specie to adapt to the longer term era happily , health, and youthfulness