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ISSN: 2329-888X


The Technological Suitability of Rice Starch Modification: As Casein Replacer in the Novel Sweet Fruity Mozzarella Cheese Analogue

Emam AO*

The aim was to evaluate the effect of hydroxypropylation on rice starch performance as partial casein replacer in the novel sweet Mozzarella cheese analogue with the light on the rheological and functional properties of the final product with the presence of sucrose and mango pulp. Native rice starch was modified with Propylene oxide at the levels of 5% and 10%. Sweet mango Mozzarella analogue was made from rennet casein and palm oil, casein was replaced at rates of 0%, 10% and 20% with either native, 5% or 10% hydroxypropylated rice starch. The results indicated that replacing casein with rice starch reduced the values of protein, ash, pH, cohesiveness, gumminess, springiness, adhesiveness, stretch extension, breakpoint, and flow behavior index in a concentration-depending way, as well as increased shredding efficiency, stretch maximum load, tenacity, critical strain, and consistency coefficient (K). The degree of starch hydroxypropylation had no effect on the dry matter, protein, fat, ash, and hardness. The shredding efficiency and storage modulus K were increased with increasing the hydroxypropylation degree. The 10% hydroxypropylated starch cheeses were distinguished with the highest values of melt distance, free oil, stretch extension and K. Hydroxypropylated rice starch may be a promising material for enhancing the functionality of Mozzarella cheese sweet analogue and altering the cold storage related rheological defects through the partial replacement of casein.